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"I have always lived deeply entrenched within the realms of creativity. I can't remember a time when I didn't live in this creative, imaginative world... an entry in my baby book noted I was singing/drawing at age 2!"

Deb Jelinek wears many creative hats -- web designer, graphic artist, singer, holistic practitioner, ordained ministerr and co-founder of a non-profit organization. As if that isn't enough, she now feels called to bring her vibrant, empowered philosophy of life onto canvas. She has been preparing for this vision by taking mixed media classes with Kelly Rae Roberts, Christy Tomlinson, Carolyn Dube, and Mary Beth Shaw, among others.

This mixed media art form allows Deb to bring out the colors, textures and richness that have been so popular in her graphics/web productions in a more tangible way for a larger audience. The main categories of the art focus on affirmations, angels and empowering quotations. Deb intends to sell her art online, in shops and at art shows. She also aspires to teach classes where people can open their hearts and put their mantras into art for themselves.

"My intention is to bring inspiration and motivation with the mantras and vibrational essence embodied within my work. I hope my art will touch your heart and spirit. Please join me on my journey..."

Deb currently lives outside of Sealy, Texas (west of Houston) with her husband and three dogs.



Deb Jelinek, artist

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